Fleur Creative

Autumn 2016: www.fleurcreatif.com

Experience with EMC

Through my EMC training I have been able to learn a lot about myself and my own creativity from a completely different angle. It has evolved into a real adventure, and I am very happy to see the positive changes in my work. For me, to create with flowers is not only a profession, it is a passion. One of the most exciting about the course for me has been probably the contact with my fellow students and being able to have an insight into their cultural backgrounds and ways of working. It is impressive how Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam advocates the importance for the training and cohesion sharing of within the floral field. world.  This international work is  also very important for us Swiss florists. It is an honor for me to be a part of the EMC family and to be able to benefit from the expertise of these two experienced and highly successful floral designers .


Step-by-Step instructions

Weave the wire to form a net into the desired shape. Glue the rose petals evenly onto the Styrofoam ball. Attach the ball to an iron stand and bind the wired netting on to it. Now glue more rose petals directly onto the netting, ensuring above all, that there is a smooth transition between the styrofoam ball and the netting. The orchid flowers can be fixed on top of the rose petals, making sure there are more orchids at the top of the arrangement so they are closer together.  Continue to the base using fewer orchids. For the extension, use the remaining rose petals by simply sprinkling the base and floor.