About me...

I am a very happy and fun-loving person. Deeply impressed by floral designs and the beauty of nature, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with those who are interested. Thanks to a strong social network and some people who go through thick and thin with me, I always find a balance between travelling and a busy schedule. I love the challenge of thinking out of the box but staying commercial.

      Thomas Spiess

      Master in Dutch Floral Design (MDFD)

European Master Certification (EMC)

       Adult educator (conf. higher degrees)

       Dipl. Interior Designer


My education

After my studies at a horticulturist school and specialist in the plant industry, I immediately began my second education as a florist and took the opportunity to manage a flower shop at the age of 21. A few years later, to obtain a deeper understanding of myself and my creativity, I studied interior design, and passed successfully the diploma exams in 2014. At the same time, I worked for Möbel Pfister (high end interiors and furniture) to implement what I had learned and was employed as a project manager.


In 2011, I founded my own company, kontrast by Thomas Spiess which focused on events. In 2014, I started teaching for the Klubschule* in Zurich. By the end of 2016 I had completed the Adult Educator (SVEB I) at the Onken Academy in Switzerland, the Master in Dutch Floral Design at the International Design School Holland and the European Master Certification in Floral Art by Tomas De Bruyne in Belgium. In the winter of 2017 I founded my second company Die Burgfloristen (The castle florists) with two other florists and in spring 2019 I completed my higher degrees as teacher confirmed by the Swiss Confederation.


I've worked in 14 different countries so far. I am a well experienced teacher, but I've worked also as judge and coach in the floral industry. At the moment, I am concentrating myself especially on the Klubschule and Onken Academy (both in Switzerland) as well as the EMC program in Belgium.


*largest adult education institution of Switzerland